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I have enjoyed every professional interaction with this company. The owner and his team are very friendly and always courteous when taking my call. Thanks M&M!

Benjamin Fair

Great people providing excellent service at reasonable costs : )

Rachel Embry

Best A/C company to deal with. They have done everything from repairs on my rent house to full install on my build. Always prompt and honest. Will always be my go to for any heat and air needs!

James Chadwick

Our air went out on a Sunday and we had someone come out within a few hours. Very impressed with the service and fact that they came out on a Sunday. Thank you M & M.

Doreen Brown

The employees here are top notch, they are honest, work hard, and do their absolute best. They are human and can make a mistakes, but the great thing about this company is they stand behind EVERYTHING they do and they make sure that the customer is taken care of above everything else. With this company you will recieve a fair price for the level of service and work done. You will not be disappointed.


Perfect, 10. 5 stars, always answer phone. Come immediately do whatever it takes

Terrie Wakley
Grand Saline, Texas

Fast service and great service! They work hard and get the job done, if you want a new unit put in, replaced…ect You should definitely give them a call.

Shantel Jones

We had to replace our ac unit AND add one over the last 3 days. This was a huge ordeal as our furnace was a 1994. We needed a custom piece built, extra copper, it was raining, etc…but it did NOT slow them down! Y’all, this is hands down the most professional and respectful company. Am I biased? YES! 🤣🤷‍♀️ BUT truth is truth! Their quality work speaks for itself! Every single worker that came out was respectful and worked hard regardless the hurdles. Don’t think twice about calling them! You’ll thank me! Thank you for being the best of the best and coming out quickly every single time I call!

Lindsey Shelman

We would not use anyone else because this company is very accommodating. They are very professional and friendly and they know what they are doing!!! Thank you M & M Air Conditioning for taking good care of our AC.

Annette Pecorino

Good people and very professional.

Jared Billingsley